When you are running a large restaurant it’s important that all cookware and cutlery are spotless before the day starts. You don’t want to serve delicious food to a customer only to have it sent back because the plate was dirty. You can contact Midshires Catering Equipment for your commercial dishwashers and glasswashers. 


High-quality dishwashers and glasswashers made by leading manufacturers in the industry

At Midshires Catering Equipment, we stock dishwashers and glasswashers in a range of sizes to cater for all types of venues, large or small. We see to it that all equipment is feature-packed so you know it's all in hand. The equipment we supply is manufactured by well-known manufacturers in the industry. They come with easy-to-operate electronic and push button panels and instructions to help you when starting them for the first time. 


There’s an exclusive range of durable dish and glasswashers available for you to choose from. If you are a bit confused about which one to pick, discuss your requirements with our team and we can help you in choosing a suitable option. 

You can also contact us for repairs and maintenance. 

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You can choose from the:

                             COMPACK AND KRUPPS WAREWASHERS

                Market leaders that have a machine for every business 

                                              at affordable prices 

  • C Range - durable glasswashers made from AISI 304 steel
  • D Range - with an easy-to-operate electronic panel
  • BT Range - Break Tank or Air Gap machine
  • S Range - with automatic water softener
  • The Fresh Water Range - with total or partial replacement of clean water
  • The Tunnel Line - for large workloads and optimising space


For top-class dishwashers and glasswashers

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